Mission de los Arroyos
Scottsdale, Arizona
What is it like to live at Mission De Los Arroyos? The following is a heartfelt poem written by a resident about life here: 
A Gift
To live in a place you choose to be
close to your neighbors in harmony
is a gift you give yourself.
-- Jeff Salmon
The Mission de los Arroyos website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
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HOA Notices
By Visiting and using the association’s Pools/Spas, Fitness Room, Tennis Court and/or other Association common elements, you voluntarily assume all risks related to COVID-19. All Rentals by Owners for Clubhouse meeting space are Closed upon advice of Association legal counsel.
Waster Management is now providing residents a free waste recycling program. Please read the instructions posted on the recycling bins carefully as certain items are NOT recyclable such as food, plastic bags, clothing, foam cups and yard waster.
Owners and Residents Preventative Maintenance recommends having air-conditioning units/ air handlers and drainage pipes for the air-conditioning unit serviced twice (2x) a year. APS has a Home Energy Survey they will perform for $99.00 and then APS provides 3 screened contractors. Before you select any air conditioning service company please research them with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Check to see if the company is active and has the appropriate license for the service they will be performing.
  • Have a licensed air conditioning company service your air condition.
  • Have the condenser coils acid washed at least every other year, it helps your air conditioner run more efficiently and replacing the coil is expensive.
  • Have them blow out the drain line going outside and inside. If you live in a two-bedroom condo unit look under the sink of bathroom, as the condensation drains there if the pipe becomes clogged.
  • Change your furnace filter frequently (when the dust increases spring through fall it is recommended every 6 to 10 weeks).
  • Don’t block or close your air vents (keep furniture at a distance) and clean the vents monthly, this helps prevent debris, dust from blocking and/or blowing.  
The association has used two companies: REEis AZ Air Conditioning 480-969-7500 and Efficiency Mechanical II 480-497-5178. They both have a Basic and Preferred Maintenance (2 visits Spring/Fall) plan.
Owners and Residents should check their water heaters for the age. Does the heater say it is good for 6, 10, or 12 years? Follow the manufacturer’s owners manual, if unavailable try looking up on the internet. The instructions likely will indicate the water heater can be drained from the bottom at least annually, sometimes more often. Using a standard hose and bucket helps simplify the project and increases the efficiency and life of the water heater.
Owners and residents should check their solar sunscreens on windows of condo at least once a year.
If the screen has suffered damage and the frame is intact the screening material may be replaced. If the sunscreen is dirty, please have them washed. The dirt from the screen will end up on/ in your window and down the stucco wall when the winds are strong and during rainstorms.
HOA Master Insurance Policy 
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Security Screen Doors, Solar Screens, Solar Shades
The Board of Directors has provided revised information for you as an owner if you want to make changes to the outside of your unit. For improvements be it a security screen door, solar sunscreens, a
drop-down/roll-up solar shade or repainting your front door. It is in the best interests for all owners and 
residents to have complimentary colors, design, and materials throughout the community. Please remember, submit the application and receive approval before you start any work!
The Architectural Control Board Policy is available to read, download and print, with the specific requirements for improvements/additions to the outside of the building (for your Unit) and the approved materials, colors, design where applicable, manufacturers and vendors. Then fill out the top portion of Application Form and write in the blank lines the improvement you are requesting on the application form. Submit as requested on the form.
If you have any questions please contact Lia Peahu, the community association manager email: lia@cpihoa.com or telephone her at 602-433-0331. She may refer your email/questions to the Architectural Control Chair/Committee.
Maintenance Issues 
Clean your dryer vent pipe yearly.
If you have the original hot water heater, you need to get it replaced ASAP.
If you have the original air conditioner look at replacing it soon and check the water drain line on your unit at least twice a year to make sure it drains properly.
MDLA Barbecue Fire Code - Click Here
Clean your dryer vent pipe yearly
If you have the original hot water heater, you need to get it replaced ASAP.
If you have the original air conditioner look at replacing it soon and check the water drain line on your unit at least twice a year to make sure it drains properly.
HOA Forms

MDLA Homeowners Association Forms

For your convenience, here are downloadable forms from the Mission de los Arroyos Homeowners Association


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